The Monju Hunters Ship - Concept Art

This is the ship I've made for our short movie 'Monju Hunters of Sōfugan Island'.

I've made this film with my buddy Karim Eich 2016 as my master thesis at Bauhaus University.

My Tasks: Design, modelling and texturing.
The design is inspired by artists like Takayuki Takeya, Kow Yokoyama and Ian McQue.

Dirk wachsmuth 01 hunters skull ship concept

A first key concept art. During modeling stage I changed the design of the ship.

Dirk wachsmuth 02 ink sketch 01

Ink drawings to find secondary details.

Dirk wachsmuth 03 ink sketch 02
Dirk wachsmuth 06 huntership cockpit

Design for the final cockpit.

Dirk wachsmuth 04 thumbnails

Thumbnails from early 2014

Dirk wachsmuth 05 quick doodle
Dirk wachsmuth 02 hunters skull ship concept v1
Dirk wachsmuth 07 quick doodles