Monju Hunters Of Sofugan Island - Animated Short Movie

This animated short was a collaboration with my friend Karim Eich and our great sound team. It was my graduation project at Bauhaus University Weimar in 2016. We worked on it together for two years (2014-2016). It was a great time, we learned so much.

Here you can find some of my work for the movie:

I did all the concept design and worldbuilding, a lot of the 3D modeling, all the texture work and the storyboard. Karim was the man who made all this into a movie, he did the animation, 3D modeling, lighting, rendering, compositing and animation.

Animated Short Film "Monju Hunters of Sōfugan Island" by Karim Eich and Dirk Wachsmuth [Full Movie]

Making Of "Monju Hunters Of Sofugan"