Folklore Bestiary - Aufhocker Bust

The Aufhocker, also known as Huckup in Low German or Bubak in Sorbian, is a mythical creature from Germanic folklore. It is described as a goblin-like spirit that attacks travellers at night and jumps on their shoulders or backs. As the traveller walks, the goblin's weight increases so that the victim is paralysed and oppressed. Encounters with Aufhockers usually take place in eerie places such as streams, bridges, forests or crossroads and often lead to physical and mental discomfort or even death for the traveller. In various stories, Aufhocker may initially appear as pitiful old women or take on animal forms such as bears, calves or dogs. At an unexpected moment, they jump up and attach themselves to the person's back, after which they torment them or instil illnesses and bad thoughts. Sometimes they are also seen as the embodiment of fears, worries, pain or bad influences. In some stories, the Aufhocker are seen as the cause of nightmares or sleep paralysis, where people have the feeling of being crushed or held down by an invisible burden.

This is my contribution to the Folklore Bestiary of our Hellfire Sculpting Club.